Lobby Bar – March 17: Luxury Dumpster Diving, a Butler to Read the Menu for You, and Why the CIA Spies on Us

By Jeremy Del Nero on 17 March 2017
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Lobby Bar – An Exoskeleton of Exemplary FBT News and Views

Daylight Subliminal Time. Daylight Saving Time celebrated its 99th birthday this year. The first year, churches were urged to ring their church bells “more lustily” to remind people about the time change. Now, we just have CIA agents whisper through the smartphone by your bed to subconsciously remind you about waking up an hour earlier or later; it actually works like a charm.

The real treasure. Jesse Sokolow has decided to live part-time in Seattle, and wants to show you his new city. Sure, Pike Place Market and the Space Needle are cool, but Jesse found out that if you wait until midnight outside the Starbucks dumpsters downtown, you can score free bagels and pastries.

Aw, nuts. Poor customer service isn’t exclusive to cheap clothing stores and fast food retailers, sometimes it plagues luxury brands as well. Just last week, Mr. Spira was refused a refund for his round-trip flight to London on the world’s most luxurious airline, World Global Air after he was only offered a free packet of warm nuts as his in-flight meal.

New hours. Join us in celebrating World Sleep Day today! In observance of the holiday, FBT staff will be sleeping in and adjusting work hours to when we’re most productive, so if need to contact the team, please reach out between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. EST.

Technology simplifies. If you’re the type to squint at the tiny writing on a restaurant menu, boy have we got an iPhone trick for you. Just download our newest app, FBTMenuReader, activate the service with the push of a button, and in moments a member of our team will be at the restaurant to read you the menu items.

Getting rugged. It’s time to tell us about your favorite hotel chain in our annual hotel survey. This survey will deal specifically with the quality of the carpet in your hotel room, since we learned in our last survey that most guests choose to spend the night on the floor of their hotel room and preserve their beds for the cleanest Instagram posts.

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