Flight Review: Delta Air Lines First Class New York (JFK) – Phoenix

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In general I found my seat quite comfortable although I would have liked a little bit more recline, something I suspect that the passenger in 2A would not have appreciated quite as much.


Once we had reached our cruising altitude, Chad sprang into action and began to serve drinks accompanied by a choice of snacks ranging from honey-roasted peanuts to chips to fruit.

Shortly thereafter, dinner was served. I was offered a choice of a rigatoni dish or chicken tikka masala and, given my love for Indian food, I chose the latter, conscious that it might not be quite as authentic as what I had the night before in an excellent Indian restaurant.

The meal was served on one tray with a green salad, the entrée, and dessert (Jeni’s Milkiest Chocolate Ice Cream). While the rice was excellent, the chicken wasn’t bad although the sauce did not taste or appear to be masala by any means.

Once dinner had been served to all 20 passengers, Chad continued to check on everyone, offering more wine, water, bread, and overall ensuring that everyone was well taken care of.

Following dinner, passengers were offered coffee or tea and additional snacks including cake batter cookies, which were not only delicious but reasonably low in calories.


Despite the drone, we arrived a few minutes early and there were no further delays as we pulled into our gate. Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is under renovation and it was a disappointment that we did not pass by the WWI 1917 French SPAD S.XIII aircraft that hangs from the ceiling over the escalators that lead to the baggage claim area.


Overall the flight was very pleasant, despite the delay. The excellent service and the new and comfortable seats were largely responsible and the food, while still not up to what I recall having on from Delta two or three years ago, was better than what I’ve experienced in the past six to eight months.

(Photos: Accura Media Group)

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