Lobby Bar – February 3: Emergency Condiments, Missing Letters, and Your Own Worst Nightmare

By Jeremy Del Nero on 3 February 2017
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Lobby Bar – A Compelling Compilation of FBT News and Views

All chips, no dip. Emergencies happen everywhere in the world, so make sure you’re prepared with emergency contact information just in case disaster strikes while you are traveling. And no, running out of ketchup for your fish and chips snack in your Airbnb loft in London does not count as an emergency. However, running out of jellied eels does.

Gold on the ceiling. Take our brief poll: how is the travel ban affecting you or your company? Sounds like a good time to check out FBT’s World Global Air Personal Transport Service, which will save you a trip to the airport by picking you up on the roof of your home or apartment building.

Split personality. Jesse Sokolow explores significant moments in travel history throughout Februarys past. It has been over a year since Jesse first started using his time machine and, for the first time, Jesse runs into another version of himself in Los Angeles in 1934. The two fought extensively about being the only Jesse before figuring out that they could split up the task of writing travel news and our editorial director would be none the wiser. That is until now. Oops.

An old friend. Flights are being canceled more frequently not due to weather but due to airline computer crashes. Jesse was stranded in Portland, Oregon last week when one such outage kept him from boarding his flight. Thankfully, Delta ported its network relay communications system through Hillary Clinton’s old e-mail server and the computers were up and running in a couple short hours. We know because we read about it on Wikileaks.

Casting call. Join us at the Lyric Theater for Cirque du Soleil’s zany Paramour. From the same minds that brought you boxed water, pet rocks, and snuggies, behold: a circus musical. Hint: it makes no sense.

Did I stutter? Good news! Hilton finally dropped the redundant H from its HHonors rewards program. To keep the world in balance, the hotel chain also decided to move the extra H and change its official name from Hilton Worldwide to HHilton.

Pete in my seat. American Airlines once again insists that it will soon offer lie-flat seats on all International wide-body flights, a project that has been delayed several times in the last three years. Apparently, the airline lost Pete, the “human of the perfect height,” who was used to measure each lie-flat seat before construction. American Airlines executives finally found Pete and will now continue with the conversion.

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