Trump ‘Foreign Terrorist Entry’ Executive Order Impacting Airline Crewmembers in Addition to Passengers

By Paul Riegler on 30 January 2017
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Crewmembers who are citizens of the 7 banned nations won't be allowed to fly to the U.S.

Crewmembers who are citizens of the 7 banned nations won’t be allowed to fly to the U.S.

NEW YORK—President Donald Trump’s executive order barring entry to all people from certain terrorism-prone countries from the United States is having an impact on non-U.S. airlines, which were caught by surprise by the ban.

Airlines that operate flights to and from the United States have said they have had to change cabin crew and pilot rosters on these flights to ensure that no crewmembers are citizens of the seven Muslim-majority nations covered by the order.

The International Air Transport Association, a trade association of the world’s airlines, sent an e-mail to its members reminding them that the ban does in fact apply to flight crews in addition to passengers.

The executive order bans nationals from six countries – Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Libya – from entering the country for 90 days and those from Syria indefinitely.

The move is more likely to have an impact on airlines such as Emirates and Etihad, which are both owned by the governments of the United Arab Emirates, a U.S. ally and Muslim-majority country, than on European and Asian airlines, although some European airlines – notably Lufthansa – tend to have diverse crews from all regions of the globe.

All airlines have to ensure that they do not allow passengers who are not permitted to enter the United States on board a flight.

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