How to Call For Help Across the Globe: Emergency Numbers and Instructions for Travelers

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North America, thanks to the consistency of the North American Numbering Plan, is easy. All of Canada and the United States use 911 for all emergencies. Mexico uses 066 for police, 065 for medical, and 068 for fire. In some regions of the country, 911 will work, in particular in more densely-populated areas.


Arabic Saa‘adinii
Chinese Jiùmìng
French Secours
German Hilfe
Hindi Madad
Italian Socorrere
Japanese Tasukete
Portuguese Socorro
Russian Pomosht
Spanish Socorro


Most mobile phones are capable of dialing emergency numbers such as 112 and 911 even when the keypad is locked or without the presence of a SIM card. In many cases, a traveler can dial one of the standard emergency numbers and the call will be made regardless of the country’s local emergency number because the mobile phone doesn’t actually transmit the number dialed, but rather initiates an emergency-call protocol.

Nonetheless, it’s always a good idea to know which number(s) to call in an emergency. Operators and dispatchers have been trained to not only dispatch police, fire, and emergency personnel but also to help callers deal with life-threatening situations and instruct callers, over the phone, how to perform first aid or CPR.

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