Lobby Bar – December 9: Portable Kitchens, Zero-Emission Aircraft, and How to Become Art

By Jeremy Del Nero on 9 December 2016
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Many talents. Twenty-five years ago, Pan Am ceased operations. We were so attached to the airline that, before it shut down for good, we acquired one of its original Boeing 707 jets. Please contact us if you’d like a private lift from Jesse, our news editor and fully licensed pilot.

Chained freedom. You’re invited to be transported back to 1903 to the Palace Theater for an interactive performance by The Illusionists. As part of the experience, Harry Houdini locks up each member of the audience and urges them to escape. Those who are unable will be shipped over to the Museum of Modern Art for inclusion in a new performance art piece entitled “Unplug Yourself for a Damn Second.”

Meals on wheels. Take a ride with us in the 2017 Mazda CX-3 Grand Touring AWD. One of our favorite features is the car’s oversized grill, which is located in the trunk and can cook most meats in the time it takes to drive from LaGuardia to JFK in rush-hour traffic.

Play on words. We caught a new musical, “A Bronx Tale,” at the Longacre Theatre this week. Next week, we review a musical about an uptown cat who lost his way (and a critical appendage) entitled “A Bronx Tail.”

Immersion therapy. It’s no secret that we’ve been at the theater many times throughout the year, so we’ve compiled a must-see list of five shows to see during the holiday season. We’ve also included a number of listings of pied-a-terre apartments in the theater district so you can see more shows than our chief theater critic.

Paper planes. The airline industry forecasts 45 million flyers this holiday season. To put that in perspective, it will take approximately 1.2 million trees to produce enough paper for those flyers, which is why travel is one of the leading causes of deforestation.

Spring forward. The first Boeing Dreamliner 787-10 has entered final assembly and should be ready to fly next year. This jet will revisit the Boeing name, which everybody knows is a modification of the word “boing,” by exploring other methods of fuel. In this case, the Dreamliner will be spring-powered. The jet needs to be re-launched every few hundred feet, but there are zero carbon emissions involved, making it the most environmentally friendly plane ever.

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