Lobby Bar – November 25: Pokémon Panic, Rooftop Flamethrowers, and Fast Food Airlines

By Jeremy Del Nero on 25 November 2016
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Lobby Bar – A Serious Series of FBT News and Views

Fire away. If there’s one relevant quote from Game of Thrones right now, it’s “winter is coming.” Make sure you’re prepared with these five helpful winter driving tips, including swapping out the leaf blower strapped to the roof of your car for a commercial flamethrower. For extra heat generating capacity, the use of Li-ion batteries is highly recommended.

Marry me? Jonathan Spira sees “Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812” at the Imperial Theater. The pop musical is interactive; audience members are encouraged to engage with the performers. Find out how, under some strange theater laws and loopholes, Spira ended up married to one of the cast members. In lieu of wedding gifts, please re-tweet all FBT social media links for a year.

:D. The end of the year is coming and that means three things: holidays, food, and FBT polls. So tell us, did you do a mileage or mattress run this year? Please text your response with appropriate mattress or fitness emojis to the FBT switchboard before Yule.

Personal space. Jesse Sokolow takes another Alaska Airlines flight, this time back to his home in Los Angeles. Alaska is testing a new “you may be in Alaska” immersive in-flight experience in which the flight crew chills the cabin just below freezing and hands out blankets and hot chocolate. Those who wish to remain in normal climate can activate their in-seat climate bubble.

Cause and effect. Paul Riegler recounts the panicked evacuation of JFK that took place last August. A lengthy investigation has revealed the cause of the panic: a Charizard had spawned in the entrance of one of the terminals, and Pokémon Go players all rushed to catch the legendary creature before it vanished. The Pokémon eluded capture, but on an unrelated note, Usain Bolt won his third-straight gold medal in the 100-meter event that night.

Fitbit forte. Delta’s Black Friday deal is on, so snag a cheap award flight while there’s still time. Flights start at 5,000 miles, so simply show your fitness tracker to the ticket gate agent to prove that you’ve walked the appropriate number of miles and you’ll be issued your ticket.

Fry and fly.  Under a new partnership, WestJet will be serving McDonald’s McCafe Premium Roast coffee in-flight. In an unrelated matter, the airline announced a new biofuel initiative that entails serving McDonald’s French fries in flight and then emptying the leftover cooking oil directly into the plane’s fuel tanks.

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