Lobby Bar – October 7: The Little Blimp, Pokèmon Drivers, and Twister Transit

By Jeremy Del Nero on 7 October 2016
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Lobby Bar – An Irregular Irrelevance of FBT News and Views

Flying candy. It’s Jesse’s time of the month: what happened in Octobers throughout travel history? William Boeing was born on October 8 in 1888 and invented Pop Rocks some years later. Many don’t realize that it was through experimentation with the exploding candy that Boeing discovered that planes could be powered by food, although jet fuel turned out to be a tad more effective.

Balloon away. Jonathan Spira heads to the Barrow Street Theater for a performance of “Flight,” a play that has reimagined The Little Prince, with a few details slightly changed. For example, the prince is actually enormous in this version and becomes more bloated over time, eventually occupying the whole stage and taking “flight” at the end of the performance floating over the audience.

Broadway broads. Join us at Feinstein’s/54 Below to catch the cast singing “My Fair Lady.” Unfortunately, we misunderstood the name of the performance, which is actually “Mayfair Lady,” about a young homeless woman who lives on the edge of Hyde Park and tells jokes for money. The knock-knock jokes are not to be missed. Besides, by now everyone knows that the precipitation in Portugal pelts primarily in the plateau.

Pokèvan. Paul Riegler reports from the Paris Motor Show, where electric vehicles are taking over. A standard feature of each EV, the cars will also function as a spawn point for Eevees and other popular Pokèmon, although drivers are cautioned to not Catch ‘em All™ and drive.

Wait, no weight. Amid further Brexit announcements, the British pound has fallen to a 31-year low. To account for the shift in value, the currency will from now on be referred to as “15-ounce” pieces.

Come fly with me. Hurricane Matthew is sweeping through Florida, canceling thousands of flights. Stranded passengers are advised to wait until the storm has passed, or they are able to purchase a parachute for an additional $15 if they want to ride the hurricane up to a more northern city.

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