Lobby Bar – October 21: Get a Travel Buddy, Surviving the Ice Age, and How to Deal with Too Much Fish

By Jeremy Del Nero on 21 October 2016
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Lobby Bar – A Bloody Brilliant Bundle of FBT News and Views

Help me? Information Overload Awareness Day was this week. Read our 563,487 tips on how to overcome Information Overload and stay focused in an age of constant distraction. The 2020 Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo, Japan.

Fire and sound. Because the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is subject to spontaneous combustion, many airlines have started carrying fire-containment bags. The bags are also large enough to quarantine most infants should they become ear-splittingly loud during turbulence.

Roulette. Unsure of where to go next? Paul Riegler has five suggestions for your next destination. Pick a number between 1 and 5, send us your passport info, and we’ll book the flight for you! Please read the fine print, which states that you agree to take an FBT editor with you and pay for his food and lodging.

Leap hospitality. Join us in the theater for a performance of “Holiday Inn,” which is about a hotel only open on holidays. The premise gave us an idea for opening an FBT hotel, only open on February 29, which would give us exactly 1,460 vacation days every four years, a commitment we all agreed we can handle.

Too much tuna. Jonathan Spira heads to Lyceum Theater to catch “Oh, Hello on Broadway.” At the end of the night, Nick Kroll informs the audience that, during the show, bits of tuna were stuffed into the purses, bags, and pockets of all audience members as a thoughtful way of observing Fish Overload Day.

Cold skies. Delta employees will soon be wearing uniforms from Lands’ End. The move comes after the air conditioning units malfunctioned on all of the aircraft in Delta’s fleet, and Lands’ End donated jackets to the flight attendants to keep warm. Passengers, the airline cautions, will be left to their own devices if they do not bring proper outerwear.

Ulterior motives. The U.S. government has promulgated new regulations for the airline industry, including stricter rules on hidden fees and refunds for baggage delays. In return for looking out for you, the government simply requests that you install a “harmless” piece of software on your smartphone.

Coincidence? We think not! Days after speaking out about the high fines and penalties New Jersey officials were forced to pay after being found responsible for the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal, Governor Chris Christie announced a significant increase in the state’s gasoline tax, stating only that the funds would be used for bridge-related projects.

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