Lobby Bar – October 14: Indoor Cars, Broadway Takes Flight, and Parachuting to the Bay Area

By Jeremy Del Nero on 14 October 2016
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Lobby Bar – A Confounding Concoction of FBT News and Views

Icebreaker. Paul Riegler heads to California and checks into the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. Rather than using alarm wakeup calls, the hotel dispatches a butler to use the ice machine nearest your room at the hour you request. The mechanical grinding sound of ice being crushed is far more pleasant than the phone’s ringtone, the hotel insists.

Mini stereos. Jonathan Spira gets behind the wheel of the 2016 Mini Cooper S Convertible. The six-speaker audio system sounded so good that Mr. Spira tried – and succeeded – in driving the Mini into his building’s elevator to take it to his apartment and use the car as his primary sound system.

Sir Blimpalot. Many popular Broadway shows will soon be traveling to smaller theaters across the country. In an effort to keep each show consistent, the actors and their sets will be airlifted from city to city, courtesy of the program’s sponsor, the Goodyear blimp company.

Tomato Dick. Delta’s former CEO, Richard Anderson, has stepped down as chairman of the airline.  Anderson felt like he was too far from the action and, at the age of 61, has decided that he can better serve the company as a flight attendant. Keep an eye out for him on your next Delta flight – he serves the best tasting tomato juice.

Phony uses. In an effort to aid Hurricane Matthew’s victims, United Airlines is giving out miles in return for donations made to a number of support charities. While the program incentivizes monetary contributions, United will also allow donations of other helpful items such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, which can be used to start fires where people don’t have access to gas or electricity.

All roads lead to the East. Air India received approval to begin New Delhi-San Francisco Service over the Pacific Ocean. The flight then continues in an easterly heading back to New Delhi.  Keep in mind that the aircraft will only hover over San Francisco for a few minutes, and passengers need to properly deploy their parachutes to ensure on-time arrival.

Safety first. Airbus has delivered its 10,000th aircraft and will be celebrating with a giant airplane shaped cake served on all Airbus A380 flights today. The initial plan was to let each passenger blow out one of the 10,000 candles, but since fires aren’t allowed on planes due to safety concerns, each passenger will instead be allowed 30 seconds in the cockpit to play around with the controls and pilot the plane for a few moments.

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