Lobby Bar – September 16: Frequent Sewing Travelers, Aircraft Steam Rooms, and Watches With Legs

By Jeremy Del Nero on 16 September 2016
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Lobby Bar – A Confounding Combination of FBT News and Views

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Paul Riegler dines well on his flight home from Paris in American Airlines’ business class. The cabin is equipped with a full, professional kitchen complete with hood vents. The airline prides itself on recycling the hot air and steam, which gets redirected into the first class steam room on the upper deck.

Flight fright. Jonathan Spira talks about Sully, the movie that documents the Miracle on the Hudson, or the emergency water landing of a US Airways flight and the investigation that followed. Experience the movie in 4D, where you will be sprayed with (actual) water from the Hudson, jostled about in your seat, and interrogated by retired NTSB investigators about your “flight” after the showing. Since you may not take any of your belongings with you when exiting the aircraft, ahem theater, please be careful of what you bring in.

Doggone it. Don’t experience FOMO, it’s time to welcome some new additions to the Oxford English Dictionary, because after all, YOLO. The good news is you now have eight different ways to spell out everybody’s favorite word to refer to a female dog, beyotch.

Robe repair. Join us at Le Méridien Étoile in Paris for fast internet and excellent views of the city. The only thing not up to par was the design of the room’s bathrobe. No matter, our intrepid FBT editors took it upon themselves to visit all 1,025 rooms and sew extra belt loops on each of the robes to prevent droopy-belt-syndrome.

Good boy. Good news; Apple’s WatchOS 3 makes the device three times as fast. Now, the watch will be able to “come” when called, meaning it will vibrate its way across the table at a nominal speed when it hears its owner’s voice. Go ahead, try it at your local Starbucks but first make sure there are no fire hydrants nearby.

Team Pink Lady. The FAA asks Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners to refrain from turning on or charging their phones in-flight, and to avoid packing them in their luggage. The decision was made by Michael Huerta, the deputy administrator of the FAA, because he is a devout iPhone user and “thinks that the new Samsung phone is just awful.” Note 7 owners will be given iPhones to play with during the flight.

Vikings don’t melt. Take a ride with us in the 2016 Volvo S60 T5 Inscription through the blistering heat of the Palm Springs desert. Have no fear of melting; when the car senses that you are overheating, it will open a hatch in the roof and drop a well-placed ice cube down your shirt back.

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