Are American Airlines Employees Allergic to New Uniforms?

By Paul Riegler on 29 September 2016
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When American Airlines’ more than 70,000 employees began wearing their newly designed uniforms earlier this month, management expected a few hiccups but they didn’t expect hives and headaches.

The new uniforms, worn by flight attendants, pilots, gate agents, and club lounge personnel are intended to reinforce American’s new brand after its merger with US Airways. Legacy US Airways employees had continued to wear their former airline’s uniforms even though the merger was consummated almost three years ago.

Both the union that represents the company’s flight attendants as well as the airline have reported that some workers are experiencing itchiness, hives, and headaches in what appears to be an allergic reaction to materials used in the new garments.

An spokesman for the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, the union that represents the airline’s cabin crewmembers, told FBT that over 400 complaints had been received thus far, and the issue is apparently a hot topic on a private Facebook group for crewmembers.

While several American employees told FBT that they found the new uniforms itchy at first, they also said that the problem disappeared after a few hours. Others have apparently found the uniforms more problematic and the union said it was sending out uniform samples for further testing.

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