Lobby Bar – July 22: Southwest Sells Music, Parachuting over the Pacific, and Shopping from Your Local River

By Jeremy Del Nero on 22 July 2016
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Slow food.  Paul Riegler dines at one of America’s finest fast food joints, In-N-Out Burger. In-N-Out isn’t available in most parts of the country, so we’re happy to offer a Double Double combo for you to try. Simply send us your address and your Uber account login info and we’ll do the rest.

Class divides. Jonathan Spira jets to Oslo in Norwegian Air Shuttle’s Premium Class. The boarding procedure is modeled after the age-old supermarket rule FIFO, or first in, first out for its Premium Class passengers. However, passengers in economy class are given the expired vegetable treatment, which generally means they are ignored until the last minute, then discarded with a parachute over the ocean.

Luxury costs. InterContinental Hotels Group has opened a new Even Hotel in Brooklyn. The new hotel is 13 floors high, but in accordance with New York City custom, there is no 13th floor, so penthouse guests need to specifically request the elevator operator to pry open the doors midway between the 12th floor and roof access.

Shaping the future.  Delta Air Lines will be pouring nearly billions into relocating and improving its presence at LAX and building a new terminal building at LaGuardia.  Why fix something that isn’t broken? As Delta’s new CEO Ed Bastian explains, “we are a symbol of change, literally, so we need to keep changing.” Having realized, however, that its name was becoming a financial liability for the company, Bastian had, upon taking office, suggested changing the airline’s name to Square but gave up after receiving cease-and-desist letters from the popular e-commerce company.

Game-changer.  Southwest posted record profits in its second quarter of the year.  Funny, we didn’t know Southwest sold records.

You can’t get there from here today, sorry.  Meanwhile, Southwest Airlines flights across the country were grounded on Wednesday thanks to a widespread computer outage within the company. The outage reportedly began when the airline’s CTO attempted to insert a Southwest Record into his laptop’s CD drive, frying the motherboard and overloading the circuits of nearby computers.

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