Lobby Bar – July 15: Pokémon Prey, In-Flight Swimming, and Driving Two Cars at Once

By Jeremy Del Nero on 15 July 2016
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Lobby Bar – A Notably Nonchalant Summary of FBT News and Views

Prey becomes predator. If you’ve taken a liking to the new Pokémon Go craze, be warned: you may be a target for theft. If you’d like to take part in the thefts, download Pokémine to see a map of all Go users, with the catchy tagline

Refresh, revive. Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren was upgraded to business class on Singapore Airlines’ service to Los Angeles via Tokyo. On the second leg, the airline’s pilots like to land the jet in the Pacific Ocean so business-class passengers can deplane on water and enjoy a short swim before going through customs. Those in coach, however, have to hand them towels.

Two for one. Jonathan Spira takes two cars – the 2016 Buick Cascada and Chevrolet Camaro SS – for a spin. In the review, Spira details the pros and cons of each car, as well as how he managed to drive the two autos simultaneously thanks to a new beta feature offered by General Motors.

Free devilry. Airbus and Boeing both think demand for air travel and new jets will increase substantially in the next twenty years. The manufacturers are finally opening up deliveries of jets to ordinary citizens; simply order through Amazon and the plane will ship itself over.

iDon’tSpy. After 45 years, the FBI has officially closed the books on the D.B. Cooper case. After years of searching, the FBI concluded that D.B. Cooper had disabled location services on his iPhone at the time of his parachuting and therefore cannot be found.  Apple refused to comply with the Bureau’s requests for backdoor access to Cooper’s phone.

Nothing is free. The Farnborough Air Show has come to an end and Airbus reported receiving the most orders for new aircraft, beating out Boeing for first place. Airbus managed to pull off this feat by offering buy-one-get-one coupons to its buyers, although the airplane maker didn’t disclose that the freebie is in fact a toy keychain airplane. The keychain is “very cute” according to Airbus.

Candles in the wind. While airliners generally discourage open flames onboard, a huge exception is being carved out today for Boeing’s 100th birthday. Cakes with 100 candles are being allowed and one lucky passenger on each Boeing-powered flight will get to blow the candles out. The passenger must simply step out onto the wing to do so, purely for safety reasons.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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