Lobby Bar – June 3: Fresh Sky Burgers, What Jets do to Relax, and Where Babies Come From

By Jeremy Del Nero on 3 June 2016
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Lobby Bar – A Twisted Trilogy of FBT News and Views

Airborne grillz. If you were traveling over Memorial Day, you might have been pleasantly surprised by the short wait time at airports across the nation. There was also the added benefit of enjoying fresh BBQ in-flight on the one day of the year fire marshals “look the other way.”

First father. Jesse Sokolow travels back to important air travel moments in Junes throughout history. This year, Jesse went to 1910 to witness the first ever Father’s Day. Historically, this is the first year there was even a father in existence: all other babies prior to 1910 were delivered via stork.

Aviation violence. With no food, beverage, or Wi-Fi onboard the aircraft, it was a free-for-all on Jonathan Spira’s two-hour flight from JFK to Atlanta. Passengers were literally fighting over an iPad that belonged to a disgruntled three-year-old. Political correctness dictated that there were no winners, but everyone got a participation award.

Fly DIY. Through a new partnership, Brussels Airlines will soon serve Foodmaker products on flights. Foodmakers are little ingredient kits that the staff will hand out to passengers, who will then be tasked with preparing the meal. Unfortunately, each passenger will have to wait in line to share the one microwave at the front of the cabin. Brussels has yet to announce what the service charge will be for using the oven.

Aircraft retirement. KLM announced that it will be retiring its Boeing 747 fleet. The aircrafts will make a final journey to the south of France, where they will be set up in airline-commissioned villas with unlimited jet fuel and 24-7 access to the travel channel.

86TSA. The U.S. House of Representatives wishes to make some changes to the TSA in order to reduce wait times. The House proposes eliminating the agency altogether, which is sure to reduce wait times everywhere except lines at the unemployment office.

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