Lobby Bar – June 24: Mandatory Tattoos, Presidential Deniers, and the Transatlantic Subway Line

By Jeremy Del Nero on 24 June 2016
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Lobby Bar – An Amazingly Amiable Summary of FBT News and Views

Breggsit on. It’s official, Brexit is go. Now that the United Kingdom has chosen to cut ties with the European Union, the country is reaping the benefits of its decision: worldwide heads shaking in unison, a devalued currency, and, of course, a trending hashtag on Twitter.

Cool for the summer. Summer has officially arrived with the usual telltale signs: odiferous piles of steaming offal on New York City streets, triple digit temperatures breaking records on the left coast, and climate deniers gathering for a Trump rally in Death Valley. “It’s a little chilly,” they say to one another.

Weigh me down. Christian Stampfer takes the driver’s seat in the 2016 Audi A4 2.0 TDI Ultra. In addition to significant improvements under the hood, the car also shed over 250 pounds, making it slightly lighter than air. To keep the car from floating away, ensure that either a human or bag of sand is present in the vehicle at all times.

Powerful flyers. Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren flies out of Taipei in EVA Air’s Business Class. The captain made up some time in the air, so you may want to set your clocks 24 minutes back to adjust. We’re still angry that the government hasn’t given anybody else (namely us) the ability to manipulate time.

Get the F outta here. Check out our top ten list of the most accessible U.S. airports via public transportation. To ease using public transit for international travel, rumor has it that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to extend F train service underground to London. Of course, the subway will stop briefly beneath international waters for travelers to undergo customs inspection.

Take action. Norwegian Air wants to expand its low-cost operations in the U.S., but other airlines and even politicians aren’t too keen on the plan. In fact, Hillary Clinton took to protesting on the White House lawn with an adorable macaroni and construction paper sign made by her daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

Broader City. So many travelers are applying to TSA’s PreCheck trusted traveler program that there is a delay in the application review process. Each application must be carefully scrutinized by Garol, an 80-year-old North Brother Island resident who has an obsession with expired yogurt, which, as you might imagine, can be a lengthy process.

Punk requirements. Southwest will soon begin rolling out changes to the interior design of its aircraft and the uniforms of its flight attendants. While no changes will be made to their clothing, flight attendants and pilots alike are now required to sport at least one visible tattoo and/or piercing.

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