Travel Quiz Results: Find Out How Many FBT Readers Are Smarter Than a 5th Grader

By Jesse Sokolow on 28 April 2016
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It’s been a big year for travel news: hotel mergers, scandals in the automotive industry, and the emergence of hotel robots. We at Frequent Business Traveler thought it would be fun to test our readers’ knowledge of this year’s eclectic mix of goings-on in the travel industry. Over 1,200 readers took the quiz and, we are sad to say, a majority of them may need a refresher course in what’s going on in travel today.

Here’s how you fared:

Around 2.6% get an A, with every answer correct. An additional 2.6% receive an A-, with nine out of ten questions answered correctly. Approximately 13% get a B+ letter grade (8 out of 10), and 24% managed a straight B with 7 out of 10. The other 57.5% – well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

The easiest question was Question 3, “What company is slated to acquire Starwood Hotels and Resorts?” Most of you were certainly up to the challenge, as 87% chose Marriott as the correct answer.

We were pleased to see that many of you paid attention to the recent news about flights to Cuba as 84% of you knew which airlines were (America, Delta, and JetBlue) and were not (Virgin America) planning to offer flights to the island nation.

Two events, the Dieselgate scandal and the takeover of Virgin America, received overwhelming coverage in the media, which may explain why many of you correctly answered the questions pertaining to them. Approximately 82% knew “Which automaker was recently sued by the Federal Trade Commission over deceptive advertising?” (Volkswagen), and “Which airline tried unsuccessfully to acquire Virgin America?” (Alaska).

The question “Who introduced plans for a new supersonic plane?” saw about 75% of you correctly choose NASA as the answer. To the 12% of you that gave Pan Am as the answer, we ask you to please remember that the venerable airline stopped flying a quarter century ago.

When it came to airports, your knowledge seemed fairly average to moderate. Some 60% of you knew the answers to “Which of the following airports will see greater competition thanks to a change in capacity come October?” (Newark Liberty) and “What airline recently announced plans for a major expansion at a London airport?” (Norwegian Air).

Few of you seemed aware that it was Hilton, in conjunction with IBM, that recently introduced a robotic concierge as only around 35% got the answer right.

We clearly caught you off guard with the final two questions, where the most often chosen answers were incorrect. Approximately 55% of you thought that Icelandic will pay your bar tab during a layover, not an unreasonable assumption given the carrier’s marketing of free stopovers – however, the correct answer is KLM and only 23% got it right.

For the final question, please be aware that Porsche is the automaker currently building a hotel in the United States, despite the fact that some 37% wrongly credited Tesla. A mere 29% did choose the right answer.

It’s almost time for finals and summer vacation, so in order to avoid summer school, some of you had better hit the books. And don’t fret, there will be many a quiz in the future for you to raise your grade point average.

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