Lobby Bar – April 15: Airport Amusement Rides, Outdoor Flying, and How to Live in a Hotel for Free

By Jeremy Del Nero on 15 April 2016
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Lobby Bar – An Uncensored and Unsympathetic Summary of FBT News and Views

Thunderstruck. Paul Riegler puts the pedal to the metal in the 2016 Chevrolet Volt. The hybrid has a range of over 400 miles, 53 of which can be done solely on electric. To recharge the car, simply locate the nearest lightning storm and drive through, making sure to receive at least four direct strikes (holding a folded umbrella out the window helps in this respect).

Pointless. The results are in: what tops the list of Frequent Flyer Award Redemption Pet Peeves? The number one peeve for the fifth year in a row continues to be: points not redeemable for in-flight massages. Contrary to popular belief, happy endings means arriving safely at your destination.

Yin Yang. Jonathan Spira visits the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, where Lea DeLaria gets down and jazzy. The jazz musician, who also happens to be one of the stars of hit Netflix series “Orange is the New Black,” will occasionally slip into character as Big Boo and intimidate those in the audience she believes are actually inmates before returning to a powerful Bowie ballad. It’s quite the juxtaposition.

Top notch. Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren flies in British Airways’ Club World business class from London Heathrow to Seattle. This time, Jeremy’s seat was on the upper deck of the plane – a location of luxury only topped by the few seats bolted to the roof of the aircraft, which are routinely reserved for athletes, celebrities, and politicians.

To infinity and beyond. InterContinental Hotels Group announced that it is bringing back its Share Forever offer. Per the conditions of the program, points in members’ accounts never expire and will in fact accrue interest. It’s advisable to sign up for the program, spend a night or two in an IHG hotel, and forget about the points for some 60 years until there are enough to live out your retirement.

Wet transit. Berlin Brandenburg Airport was originally slated to open in 2012, but will most likely not open its doors until 2018 at the earliest. The delay is due in large part to the airport’s CEO Karsten Mühlenfeld last-minute request to install a log flume ride in the airport, which will help transport travelers between terminals.

Losers lose. North Carolina’s anti-LGBT House Bill 2 has resulted in the loss of at least 13 conventions, 1,000 jobs, and the concerns of over 100 companies. On the upside, at least 13 new Chick-Fil-A locations are set to open in the state’s capital by next year.

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