EU to U.S.: Allow Europeans into America Without Visa, or Face Similar Restrictions

By Jesse Sokolow on 11 April 2016
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DSC_0307The European Union is pressuring the U.S. to allow citizens from additional European countries into America without a visa, and is threatening to require visas from U.S. citizens if Washington does not acquiesce.

Currently, citizens from 28 countries in the EU can travel to the U.S. without a visa, while five those from five countries, including Poland, Croatia, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania, need a visa to travel to America. According to the U.S. government, these five countries have not yet met the requirements for its Visa Waiver Program.

The European Commission is required to explore options for reciprocal visa requirements for countries that don’t allow visa-free travel for EU citizens two years after becoming aware of the situation, under EU rules. The two-year mark will pass this Tuesday, and following that, the commission is scheduled to meet to discuss the issue next week.

If the commission decides to implement a change, it would take place four months from the decision.

If travel restrictions do tighten, however, American citizens will still be able to travel without a visa to Ireland and the United Kingdom, as those two member states have opted out of the EU’s common visa policy.

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