Lobby Bar – March 4: Rainbow-Colored Passports, Build-a-Bed Workshops, and Flying with Kids Now Encouraged

By Jeremy Del Nero on 4 March 2016
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Henry VIII. Jesse Sokolow travels to March in the year 1910, where he observes Le Canard making its debut flight. Jesse’s head was officially in range of the plane’s cruising altitude of 7 feet, and he would have been decapitated had he not quickly pressed the “return to the present” button. Nowadays, planes cruise at about 30,000 feet, so only Yao Ming and Shaq need to worry about ducking.

Status confirmed. Jonathan Spira attends Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles in New Jersey. The group sounded so uncannily like the band they were imitating that after the show, members of the audience were allowed to come up to remove the Moptop wigs from each of the band members’ heads to confirm that none of the real Beatles were performing.

Rainbow power. Find out where your passport will take you – you may be surprised that a burgundy passport can get you into more countries than plain old blue passports. Of course, nothing lives up to the rainbow-colored passport, which not only grants access to every country on Earth, but also most underworlds as well as distant parts of the solar system.

Work and play. An American Airlines flight attendant was charged with starting a fire onboard an aircraft during a flight. “I just wanted an excuse to use the emergency slide,” the teary-eyed chap said to the FBI. “They look like so much fun.”

It’s who you know. The House of Representatives of the United States Congress voted to accept more PreCheck users, but to tighten the enrollment process.  To be accepted, travelers must be able to prove that they are no more than four degrees of separation from President Obama on LinkedIn.

Ikea’s hotel. Hyatt introduced a new branded hotel chain: Unbound Collection. The bedding in the rooms of these hotels is not sewn together, hence “unbound,” but guests are welcome to pick up a sewing kit at the front desk when they check in. Those who don’t wish to make the effort can rent a sleeping bag for an additional charge of $5 per night.

I can’t hear you. NASA showed off some plans for a quiet supersonic passenger aircraft.  How did they get it so quiet? The jet actually runs on nearby sound, so noisy passengers are silenced immediately.  This makes it easy to ignore screaming babies, but it also makes it very difficult to have a conversation with your seatmate.

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