Lobby Bar – February 19: Illegal Time Travel, Food Fight Flights, and Why Horses are the New Cars

By Jeremy Del Nero on 19 February 2016
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Lobby Bar – An Irregular Irrelevance of FBT News and Views, Written Unconsciously

Underwater flying. Paul Riegler explores the historic Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia Airport. True to its name, the Marine Air Terminal is in fact underwater, so be sure to bring your scuba gear when you visit.

Popular, redefined. Your time has come: flex your muscles and tell us about your favorite travel companies in 2015. Please be truthful and honest, but above all, vote for FBT subsidiary airline World Global Air, which has a 100% satisfaction rate among frequent flyers. (1/1 is 100%, right?)

Food flight. Jonathan Spira heads from arctic New York to arctic Chicago for his annual pilgrimage to the Chicago Auto Show. While the flight is only about 100 minutes long, Delta flight attendants were committed to serving a full lunch. Unfortunately, they were in the cleaning up phase when the plane landed, and the cabin quickly became littered with bits of moist turkey and sandwich crusts.

From Bugs to buggies. Fuel prices are continuing to drop, but it looks like the end to cheap gas is nigh.  This means you should stock up on carrots and be prepared to take Mr. Ed out of the stable for your morning commute. Please observe your local pooper-scooper laws.

Float your boat. Jonathan Spira test drives the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu LT, aka the safest car on the market for new drivers. The car comes with a parachute built into the exhaust pipe, just in case your teenager happens to drive off a cliff.

Misuse of time travel. The Dieselgate plot thickens with the discovery that VW CEO Martin Winterkorn may have known about the test-cheating software as early as May 2014.  It gets better: Winterkorn sent Jesse a memo last week asking for clearance to use the FBT time machine to go back and rectify his mistake.

New York experience. Delta Air Lines will soon serve Union Square Café cuisine on its transatlantic flights. In keeping with the long standing traditions of the café, a 25% service charge, in lieu of gratuity, will be added to the check.

Vertically challenged. American Airlines is adding new Flagship Lounges and changing the entry requirements for its existing lounges. In accordance with Russian amusement parks laws, only those shorter than 4’11” and taller than 6’2” will be allowed entry to the new lounges. A separate lounge will be available for those who do not meet the height requirements.

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