Lobby Bar – January 29: Homeless Business Travelers, Hipsters in Space, and Why Airports Make the Best Campsites

By Jeremy Del Nero on 29 January 2016
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Moving a country. Jonathan Spira dines at Taste of Samarkand in Uzbekistan, which has relocated to Queens, N.Y.  Find out how the country managed to uproot and migrate thousands of miles, and why you should never leave home without lepyoshkas again.

Riches to ruin. Our annual business travel survey results are in and once again business travelers are expecting to take more business trips in 2016 than the year before. If this trend continues, we can accurately project that by the year 2048, the majority of business travelers will be spending all 365 days of the year on the road, rendering them legally homeless. ,

Prepare for the worst. Fear not, here’s what you do if your flight is cancelled due to a blizzard. If you happen to be stranded in an airport across the country or the world, simply unpack your tent and sleeping bag and set up camp in the terminal. You didn’t pack those things? I guess you should have read our how to prepare for winter travel article last week.

The Flying Café. JetBlue is set to install gate-to-gate Wi-Fi on its Airbus A320 aircraft. Passengers are invited to take advantage of the new service by staying on the aircraft after their flight has arrived to get additional work done.  Alternating rows of seats in the cabins will fold down into oak tables, and hipster coffee shop music will be playing over the intercom to appropriately set the scene.

Tropical Eskimo. Alaska Airlines announced a number of changes to its brand and logo.  The Eskimo, which has graced the company’s planes since 1972, is being updated to reflect global climate change: the parka is being replaced with a grass skirt and the hood is being swapped out for a backwards worn baseball cap.

Mostly true… Hilton is opening a new and affordable hotel brand called Tru, which will be tailored towards millennial travelers.  Tru will have a variety of options to appeal to guests of all budgets, including rooms for about $100 a night, pods for $50 a night, and taped-off spots on the lobby floor for as little as $15 a night. Portraits of Mr. Capote will grace walls throughout.

Controversial beverages. An Alaska Airlines pilot was charged with drinking and flying. Apparently the pilot was unaware that consuming 31 bottles of kombucha would raise his blood alcohol content above the legal limit of .08.

Sharing > caring. General Motors announced its own car-sharing competitor to Zipcar this week. GM’s new program, called Maven, is open to all drivers of GM vehicles nationwide – Maven participants can simply unlock any parked GM car with their phone, hop in, and drive away.

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