Lobby Bar – January 22: Ineffective Dragon Monkeys, Cars for Arachnids, and Shelter from the Storm

By Jeremy Del Nero on 22 January 2016
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Lobby Bar – An Increasingly Irrelevant Summary of FBT News and Views

I.O.U. Gas prices are continuing to drop nationwide, bringing the price below $1 in some parts of the country. Fierce competition is giving birth to rumors that some gas stations are charging as low as -11 cents a gallon; on average, motorists are being paid about $1.50 to full up at these pumps.

The password is…. passw0rd? It’s a new year, but people’s passwords continue to remain largely unchanged. We urge you to change your password to something more sensible than “123456” or “password.”  If you’re worried about remembering your password, you could use our new password storage service – simply text us your password and we’ll remind you of it when your memory gets foggy.

Omnilimbs. Compared and contrasted: Jonathan Spira drives three different Mazdas. Find out in his review how each one fared and how Mr. Spira managed to sprout all of the limbs needed to drive three different vehicles at once.

New beginnings. Japan Airlines announced multiple schedule and route changes this week. Many of these changes went live as passengers were in the air, and the planes were diverted to their new destinations without notice. However, most passengers didn’t seem to care and have gone on to start new lives in their destination cities.

Shades down. Jesse Sokolow takes a first look at the 2016 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 ST. The VW’s new infotainment system, MIB II, is inspired by the movie with the same name, and features a built-in catalogue of Will Smith’s greatest cinematic and musical hits. Keep an eye peeled for the Easter Egg when driving through Bel Air.

Home run. Nominations are open for this year’s Greg Spira Baseball Research Award, named in honor of Frequent Business Traveler’s late co-founder and managing editor. To submit your essay or written work for consideration, simply print it out, ball it up, and hit it with a baseball bat towards our midtown offices.

The key to preparedness. Just when you thought summer would continue from December into June, a blizzard is announced in the Northeast. With this information, you should begin to prepare for the worst: stock up on canned goods, HDTVs for each room, and no less than 72 rolls of toilet paper (or approximately 12 rolls per TV).

High times. American and Latam proposed a joint business agreement this week, that is to say that the two companies filed a motion to allow for the use of marijuana at future business meetings. The motion was denied, but American and Latam did agreed to meet in Colorado in the future, just in case.

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