Lobby Bar – January 15: Presidential Auto Show Orders, a Lion’s Worst Fear, and Being Drugged by your Phone

By Jeremy Del Nero on 15 January 2016
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Lobby Bar – A Subliminally Sexy Summary of FBT News and Views

Quit while ahead. Before the Detroit Auto Show opened, the Buick Avista Concept stole the hearts of auto enthusiasts nationwide. After reading the press release, the auto show committee decided to cancel the show entirely as nothing could possibly live up to Buick’s announcement.

Scratch that. Unfortunately for Buick, but fortunately for other automakers and the thousands of reporters and attendees who flew in from across the country, the decision to cancel the auto show was reversed when the hashtag #SavetheAutoShow started trending on Twitter and President Obama issued an executive order to put the show back on.

Feelin’ hot hot hot. If you’re already sick of the cold weather and need an escape, check out our list of winter getaways. If none of our options seem warm enough for you, try one of NASA’s newest vacation packages featuring flights to the Sun. Starting at just $2,500,000 per person, these one-way trips offer unparalleled warmth for the majority of the trip, although the star will inevitably incinerate you and the ship at the end of the voyage.

Lions of the future. Jonathan Spira attends the final show of “The Grand Tour” with the Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Center.  The circus’ theme revolved around travel and the Jazz Age in the United States, and Spira finally learned that the Roaring Twenties were so named because the lions in the circus would roar vociferously after being transported nearly 100 years. Lions do not like time travel.

Old skool. We tested your 2015 travel news knowledge and now the results are in – who is the smartest FBT reader of them all? The winner was Johnny Fiddlesticks, who brought the teacher an apple and didn’t cheat on the quiz. Well done, Johnny! See the teacher after class for a gold star.

You are getting sleepy… Apple Added a ‘Night Shift’ feature to iOS 9.3. When enabled, the iPhone emits small amounts of melatonin, which is absorbed through the fingertips.

Real McCoy. The Department of Homeland Security is giving Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, and Washington two years before banning the use of their licenses for air travel. After that, only Real IDs will be accepted, so if you’d like to fly using a fake ID, now’s your final chance.

Phat phylers. Delta is now officially the world’s second largest airline. “Largest,” of course, refers to the collective waist sizes of the company’s employees. “Too many nuts,” said one flight attendant.

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