Lobby Bar – December 4: Santa’s Dirty Secret, Broadway Drinking Games, and the Death of the Smartphone

By Jeremy Del Nero on 4 December 2015
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Lobby Bar – A Confounding Compilation of FBT News and Views

Green giant. Not sure what to get the hippie in your life? Check out our green holiday gift guide with gifts ranging from $25 to $43,000. Just make sure you park the Hummer around the corner when you deliver your gifts.

Dandruff. It’s time for the December issue of Great Moments in Travel History, featuring your favorite time traveling host. Take a ride through history on Jesse’s sleigh with Santa and you can join in on the tradition of scratching Santa’s head as he delivers presents. What did you think snow was made out of?

Gin for dinner. Join Jonathan Spira for a night out at the theater, where he catches a lovely performance of the Gin Game. He did, however, learn that the show’s name is not an open invitation to smuggle in outside alcohol to play drinking games. There should be a sign out front or something.

Spongeworthy. Paul Riegler visits Delta Air Lines’ arrivals lounge at London Heathrow, where there are phones in the bathrooms and wine flows from the faucets. Unfortunately, Delta forgot to put drains in the shower suites, so after showering you may be asked to bail out the inch of water that accumulated throughout the lounge.

Mennews. Delta announced new first-class menus on domestic flights. Of course, the food options have all remained the same, but Delta’s new menus are half an inch wider and are laminated.

United thirst. United announced it will be giving its customer service agents new iPhone 6 Plus smartphones starting next year. The phones will help the agents better serve customers, and should give them a chance to play Tetris during downtime and meet cute passengers on Tinder or Grindr before flights.

No mo’ fones. New York City will be issuing new area codes starting with 322 in 2017. “After that,” warned mayor Bill de Blasio, “we will be all out of numbers. You won’t be able to buy a phone in New York. So if you want one, get it soon.”

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