Lack of Legroom and Disruptive Passengers Top Air Travel Pet Peeves for 2015

By Jesse Sokolow on 10 December 2015
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While flying remains the most practical means of travel over long distances, the experience is riddled with things both inconvenient and annoying to the average traveler.

Once again, Frequent Business Traveler and FlyerTalk, the world’s largest online travel community, along with ExpertFlyer, teamed up to discern just what these peeves are, and the level of irksomeness each one brings to the (tray) table. The discussion thread on FlyerTalk has garnered over 13,000 views and is still going strong.

Over 1,900 participants responded to our survey, and for the fourth time in as many years, Insufficient Legroom topped the polls as the number one air travel pet peeve. In second and third place were two peeves that related to other passengers on the plane, namely Loud or Disruptive Passengers and Misbehaving Children, respectively.

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Six of the top seven peeves this year had to do with fellow passengers and how they behave while in the air. Seatmate Taking Up Too Much Space, which ranked number two last year, came in at number four this year, while Passenger Reclining Seat into Me, which was third last year, dropped to fifth this year.

Following those were Coughing or Sick Passengers at number six, and Misbehaving Adults at number seven. Rude Cabin Crew (eighth) and Dirty Lavatories (ninth) were next, and closing out the top ten was Not Enough Room for Carry-On Baggage, making its debut in the top ten.

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