Lobby Bar – November 13: Sarcastic Spokesmen, Charitable Embezzlement, and Mother Nature’s Vendetta

By Jeremy Del Nero on 13 November 2015
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Lobby Bar – A Deviously Dubious of FBT News and Views

Family Business. Tell us your 2016 travel plans in our annual business travel survey and for every response we receive, we’ll donate a piaster to the Take a Flight Foundation. *Disclaimer: Take a Flight (TAF) is a wholly owned subsidiary of parent company Del Nero Enterprise.

Mamma data. Did you give thanks to Hedy Lamarr for helping create the technology that is still used in today’s mobile devices? Be sure to do so before December 9, or you may end up on Hedy’s naughty list, a crime punishable by throttled speeds and frequently dropped calls throughout 2016.

Readership Perks. Paul Riegler explains why T-Mobile is the carrier of choice for international travelers. If you’d like to switch, simply tell the T-Mobile representative handling your transaction that FBT sent you, and they’ll throw in a free scrambled egg with your purchase.

Victorious falls. Jonathan Spira upgrades to the Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 and tests its synergy with Apple Homekit. His smart home is now complete, although Spira somehow inadvertently programmed the lights to flash purple and red whenever the toilet flushes. It’s oddly encouraging, Spira reports.

Hush money. Volkswagen is offering $1,000 to those who purchased a diesel vehicle affected by the recent emissions scandal as a gesture of good will. “It’s not bribery if we’re not asking you to do anything,” said a Volkswagen rep, “but like… tell your friends that we’re alright.”

Captain Obvious. American Airlines hit a new traffic record for October. This is due to some good advertising, a busy travel season, and, oh, the fact that the company recently absorbed another major airline.

Disbelievers anonymous. Mother Nature put out a press release last weekend stating that she would be canceling autumn for the remainder of November. “It seems that there are still people who do not believe in global warming, so I thought I’d send them a little reminder,” she wrote on a 79° F (26° C) day last week, “Mr. Trump, this one’s for you.”

Rent-a-room. InterContinental Hotels Group, the world’s largest hotelier, wants the world to know that it is not for sale. “We are, however, for rent,” IHG’s CEO Richard Solomons clarified, “for a nominal fee, anybody can purchase a chunk of our company for a set amount of time. In other words, we’re a hotel.”

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