Lobby Bar – October 30: Monopoly on Time Travel, Hotels Made of Glass, and Riding with Strangers

By Jeremy Del Nero on 30 October 2015
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Lobby Bar – A Spooky Summary of FBT News and Views

Save the daylight. This coming Sunday is the longest day of the year in the United States – what will you be doing with your extra hour? In other news, Jesse is writing an angry letter to U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, claiming that he should possess sole ownership over the manipulating of time.

Drop everything. In honor of Information Overload Awareness Day, JetBlue Airways released a video called “Humankinda,” which looks into the busy and overloaded lives of modern humans. Kindly stop all of your work, hold those calls and e-mails, and take a minute or thirty to watch the video.

Stoned. Paul Riegler checks into the newly renovated Le Méridien in New Orleans.  The new tower is made entirely of glass, and guests are required to declare any rocks they may be carrying when they check in. The hotel reserves the right to confiscate any rocks they deem unsafe, so plan accordingly.

Trust every1. Join Jonathan Spira for a walk around Munich at nighttime. At midnight, when a 1922 BMW prototype (the company didn’t start selling cars until 1928) pulls up beside you when you’re walking down a side alley, get in – you will be transported to Munich in the 1920s. At least that’s the plot of Paul Riegler’s newest screenplay for a film called “Midnight in Munich,” but Woody Allen is already filing a copyright infringement suit.

Local flavors. Hilton’s Conrad Hotels and Resorts will soon offer guests curated local experiences.  In the Pyongyang Metropole in North Korea, it is the local custom that guests give foot massages to the hotel staff upon arrival and upon checking out. Strangely enough, rooms are referred to as cells.

Executive food warrior. American Airlines will be opening a new flagship dining room at DFW next week. As long as you have a ticket, the food is free, so go nuts at the buffet; in fact, we recommend bringing Tupperware. Don’t be thrown off by the frowning staffers – they’re just angry that they didn’t think of the idea first.

BYOO. El Al plans to add 14 Boeing 787 Dreamliners to its fleet. These new aircraft are 20% more efficient than the ones they’re replacing, simply because Boeing decided to remove the roof and paneling from the aircraft, making it lighter and more aerodynamic. Passengers are required to bring their own oxygen supply.

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