Lobby Bar – October 2: Yelling at Siri, Another Airline Breakup, and Inventing Holidays

By Jeremy Del Nero on 2 October 2015
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Lobby Bar – A Compelling Compendium of FBT News and Views, Sponsored by the Pope

They’re g-r-r-reat! Did you get your free coffee on national coffee day? Check out our article for costume ideas, which include Tony the Tiger, on how to fool the cashier into thinking you haven’t yet received your free cup of coffee. You’ll shake with excitement – or maybe it’s just the caffeine.

Faded and jaded. Jonathan Spira apologizes to Siri in his review of Apple CarPlay. Siri will automatically fade music in and out for notifications and traffic directions, a feature that Spira noted as a mild annoyance. So naturally, Jesse and I have taken to spam-texting Spira when we know he’s on the road, just to mess with his music.

Bath monsters. Join Jesse Sokolow for a jaunt around Reykjavik in Iceland to take in the life of a Viking. Be sure to check out Snorralaug, one of Reykjavik’s hottest (quite literally) attractions and Nintendo’s newest Pokemon.

Doomed by the stars. American Airlines and its business-class seat supplier Zodiac Aerospace are in a fight. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise though: American is a Taurus and Zodiac is an Aquarius – the relationship was doomed from the get-go.

Defensive strategies. Before getting roped into Dieselgate, BMW popped its head in to make a quick statement about how it is abiding by all local testing requirements. It also noted that it doesn’t test on animals, but our crash test dummy friend Frank took issue with that claim.

Timeless sweets. It’s that time of the month: join Jesse Sokolow in exploring the most notable moments in travel history in Octobers past. This time, Jesse pushes his time machine to its limit, heading back to 43 A.D. Hungry and looking for food, he stumbled into a private home and asked for a Snickers™ bar. The gooey and crunchy candy bar wasn’t available back then, but Jesse did inadvertently invent Halloween.

Fortune teller. Look into the crystal ball with us for a glimpse of the future of diesel. Diesel could go on to attend a prestigious college, open up a business, and profit tremendously. Conversely, it could drop out of high school and enter into a life of substance abuse. It all comes down to you, and for the low, low price of $299 per month, you can be the proud sponsor of Timothy, the diesel tank engine. Adopt a diesel today. Disclaimer: Message Sponsored by PETD (People for the Ethical Treatment of Diesels).

Misguided weather. Hurricane Joaquin is posing a potentially serious threat to the Northeast as it wends its way north.  We should be getting ready for the storm, but Joaquin sounds so cute – I’m sure we’ll be fine. (editor’s note: and this was the last lobby bar entry ever written by Jeremy.)

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