Lobby Bar – September 4: Taco Cruises, Hotels on Wheels, and the rise of the Aircraft Bank

By Jeremy Del Nero on 4 September 2015
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Lobby Bar – A Thoroughly Washed and Dried Summary of FBT News and Views

Dial-a-TSA. It’s that time of year when we ask you how well the TSA is doing its job. To vote, please text your favorite emoji to either 1-555-TSA-LOVE or 1-555-TSA-HATE, depending on your stance. StandardTextMessagingRatesApplyVoidWhereProhibited.

iEfficient. Jonathan Spira borrows George Jetson’s BMW i3 for a night on the town.  The electric vehicle can be charged via a Level 2 charger, a standard 110-Volt wall outlet, or the USB port of most MacBooks (using this method to charge the i3 may take a few months.)

Dude, where’s my room? Write some poetry with Alexander Pushkin at the Four Seasons Hotel Lions Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia.  The building used to be a hostel, but you can’t tell looking at it now, save the occasional aloof hippie using a map from 1998 and trying to find a shared room for 1,700 rubles.

Sign up. Join Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren in American Airlines’ Airbus A321s First Class cabin, en route from Seattle to Dallas.  Make sure you give your birthdate when booking your first class tickets: the seats, manufactured by Zodiac Seats U.S., are tailored to your astrological needs.

Taco farewell. In his monthly voyage into the past, Jesse Sokolow recounts great moments in travel history in Septembers past.  This time, he dined with William Boeing aboard his yacht for “Taco Night,” which, incidentally, was the name of the vessel.

Euro for your thoughts. The DOT has given its two cents on the controversial subject of in-flight mobile phone calls: it should be up to each individual airline.  RyanAir already jumped on board: the airliner will charge passengers for each millisecond of talk time.

Mobile banking. Emirates recently took delivery of its 150th Boeing 777 aircraft. When asked why he ordered three of the planes at one time, CEO Tim Clark answered, “well, only two of the jets will be used for transport. We’ve closed our bank accounts and one of the planes will stay parked in Abu Dhabi, simply storing all of the company’s cash.”

Sleep like a baby. Hilton and Uber shook hands on a new partnership this week. Hilton has commissioned the ride-sharing company to host displaced guests due to overbooking; guests without rooms will receive an 8-hour overnight ride in a vehicle of their choice. Uber drivers will even let their passengers recline all the way.

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