Lobby Bar – August 28: Sushi Teleportation, Unconventional Driving Methods, Recording your Dreams, and Art Deco Swimming Pools

By Jeremy Del Nero on 28 August 2015
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Lobby Bar –A Slightly Burnt Summary of FBT News and Views

Cleansing water. Jesse Sokolow checks into the very Art Deco Wyndham New Yorker in New York City. There is no pool or spa on the property, but the hotel thoughtfully sectioned off part of the Hudson River using lavishly ornamented bold geometric shapes.  Guests may now swim in the historic site of the Miracle on the Hudson and pay respects to Captain Sully Sullenberger.

Warp speed. Jonathan Spira pulls out his chopsticks at Cagen, a Japanese restaurant in the East Village.  The food was so authentic, he thought he was in Japan. In fact, chef and owner Toshio Tomita confirmed that, using time shifting particles combined with pure wasabi matter, the restaurant is able to temporally shift its guests to Tokyo for the duration of the meal.

Applesaucy. Paul Riegler sees you wearing that Apple Watch, but doubts you know about all of its secret abilities. For example, did you know that holding the watch near an Android device for at least 5 seconds will change the character set of the unsuspecting device to Wingdings? Try it!

Pony power. Join us behind the wheel of the 2015 Ford Mustang GT Convertible.  The car’s controls were a little out of place, but Ford thought ahead and adjusted the circuitry; simply turn up the volume on the radio to start the car, activate the air conditioner to recline your seat, and insert a cassette tape into the player to engage the emergency brake.

Mindslip. Put your head down to rest at the Dream Hotel NYC, where the dark and calm tones will lull you into a sleepy daze. Be prepared for some vivid and wild dreams during your stay, but don’t feel pressured to remember everything; upon checkout, the front desk concierge will give you a complimentary USB drive, filled with a detailed text and visual account of your dreams.  Don’t be surprised if they remind you of a Coen Brothers movie.

Troubai. The three largest U.S. airlines allege that the United Arab Emirates took billions of dollars of government subsidies to build an airport for the sole benefit of its own airline, Emirates.  Emirates CEO Tim Clark argued that “it’s only a few billion dollars,”adding “I’m sure the duty free shops will benefit too.”

I spy. Delta is deploying new in-flight personalization software, which lets flight attendants see the personal information of the passengers on the plane. The crew will be alerted to a passenger’s status, meal preference, and most recent Amazon purchases, so order wisely.

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