Lobby Bar – August 21: Futuristic Tacos, Skyping with Washed Up Celebrities, and Sky Chairs for Sale

By Jeremy Del Nero on 21 August 2015
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Lobby Bar – A Summary of FBT News and Views, Inspired by Richard Simmons

Sandy resiDue. Jonathan Spira checks into the Amara Cay Resort in Islamorada, Florida. Right on the beach, guests have the option to swim to their rooms, although the hotel charges a cleaning fee of $1 per grain of sand found in the room after checkout.

Taco of time. Remember the 1994 taco crisis in New York City? Of course you don’t. That’s because Jesse’s great uncle took our time machine back a couple decades and opened up Tacoway Beach in the Rockaways, which serves the best tacos since 2055.

Carry-out. Jonathan Spira flies Virgin’s Boeing 787 from London to D.C. and doesn’t want to get out of the comfortable seats. Luckily, for $485 and a small handling fee, Virgin will let you take the seat with you when you alight.

Nintendo’s first car. Paul Riegler gets behind the wheel of Chevrolet’s 2015 Impala, where everything functioned perfectly except the onboard touchscreen console. When it becomes unresponsive, simply stop the car, lift the hood, eject the console’s cartridge, and blow the dust particles out of the way.

People power. Yelp now has ratings for TSA security checkpoints.  On a recent trip out of LAX, Jeremy Del Nero wrote, “The TSA agent was cute, but he confiscated my  carrot juice (I thought we had an understanding, Mason!) – at least he made up for it with a lengthy pat-down. Four out of five stars.”

Helium Zeppelin. The cost of airplane tickets went down considerably in July.  This is due largely to a new option in air travel: more people are opting for blimp flights ever since Goodyear exited the tire business and decided to use its fleet of airships for commercial transport.

Particular skills. United Airlines announced additional complimentary entertainment options aboard some regional flights. For an additional $199, passengers can spend half an hour on Skype with their choice of a washed up celebrity including Mark Hamill, Val Kilmer, Bob Sagat, or Pauly Shore.

Discount dilemmas. Delta Air Lines is now requiring passengers who purchase the airline’s cheapest class of service to accept a number of terms and conditions before continuing.  The “cheapskates” are obligated to board the aircraft last, forego dibs on overhead bin space, and must surrender an iPhone charging cable should a passenger in the first-class cabin require one.

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