6 Good Reasons to Use an Apple Watch When Traveling

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American Airlines will remind you to leave for the airport and let you check in using the watch. (By comparison, Delta Air Lines’ watch app will show you how much time you have until your flight, as well as your flight number and gate at a glance, but it doesn’t issue any reminders or allow you to check in for a flight.)

4.) Apple Pay

When Apple Pay was first introduced, I thought it useful because I only had to remove my iPhone from my pocket to make a payment, not my wallet. Now I can leave my iPhone in my pocket as well, and simply press a button on my Apple Watch to initiate the payment. The fewer things I have to remove from my pockets when traveling, the less likely I am to have anything lost or stolen.

5.) Fitness reminders

Although I tend to be more active while traveling compared to staying at home, many travelers are actually more sedentary. The Apple Watch measures the various ways in which people move, be it walking on the beach, playing tennis, or climbing stairs. It keeps track of when you stand up and sends reminders encouraging you to keep moving and not to remain seated too long.

Using a system of rings, the watch shows via the Move ring how many active calories you’ve burnt, via the Exercise ring how many minutes of brisk activity you’ve had, and via the Stand ring how much you have stood throughout the day. The goal is to complete each ring every day on a trip.

6.) Keeping time

It’s a given that watches keep time but most watches have to be reset to the local time zone when traveling. Whether you are traveling from one time zone to the next or halfway across the world, the Apple Watch automatically adjusts the time display. It also adjusts for the correct daylight saving and summer time, depending on your location.

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