Penn Plates Food Festival – Restaurant Review

By Jesse Sokolow on 20 July 2015
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Sushi burrito? Fried risotto balls? Ice cream cookie sandwich? All these eclectic and delicious food options can be found at New York City’s Penn Plates Food Festival pop-up market, located at One Penn Plaza, adjacent to the Hotel Pennsylvania. Penn Plates will be open through November 15 of this year.

The market includes 14 establishments, and my dining companion, FBT Editorial Director Jonathan Spira, and I sampled dishes at six of them.

Here’s what we tried:

From Uma Temakeria, we had a sushi burrito, filled with salmon, tuna, tobanjan mayo, cucumber, carrots, tempura crunch, and sesame seeds. While it was certainly a novel concept, it proved a little tricky to eat, although Jonathan had no trouble with his. It was delicious nonetheless, and provided you have a fork to scoop up all the loose bits that fall while eating, it is definitely a worthwhile item to try.

Sushi burrito from Uma Temakeria

Sushi burrito from Uma Temakeria

Next, from Taco Bono, was a paiso taco, which had chorizo, avocado, and fried egg. It was a very good dish: the meat was tender, and the fried egg on top made it a step above any single taco I myself have had in the past.

Pulled pork nachos from Mason Jar was a nice fusion of barbecue and Mexican, although the only Mexican aspect of the dish seemed to be the cheese and nacho chips. Regardless, it was a great combination of two classic items. The melted cheese was a perfect addition to the tender pulled pork, and barbecue sauce slathered over the entire dish brought it all together.

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