Lobby Bar – July 10: Electrified Drivers, Marathon-Powered Wi-Fi, and Bulkhead Baseball

By Jeremy Del Nero on 10 July 2015
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Lobby Bar – A Legally Murky Summary of FBT News and Views

Instant undies. Jesse Sokolow reviews some key tips for effective summer packing. We recommend using our newest invention to dehydrate your clothes before packing them; then, when you arrive at your destination, simply spray some water in your suitcase and – voilà! – all of your clothes will magically expand back to their normal size.

Why-Fi? There’s been some confusion about mileage runs so we’ve decided to explain to you exactly what they are.  In essence, you wear an FBT-issued fitness tracker and go on daily runs – then, travel companies reward you for staying healthy. Running ten marathons per day may seem like a lot, but getting the free Wi-Fi upgrade does seem worth it.

Shocker. Paul Riegler takes the 2015 Corvette Stingray Convertible for a spin.  The car is thusly named because of a neat new feature: using the lever underneath the steering wheel will deliver an electrical shock to vehicles within ten meters of the car – useful for jolting drivers who are going too slowly.

Diamond calves. Jonathan Spira checks into the Hotel Baltschug Kempinski in Moscow.  Despite the hotel’s efforts to fatten him up during his stay (staff sent food to the room every hour, often unsolicited), Spira stayed trim, walking an average of six miles per day according to his fitness tracker – just 268 miles shy of his goal.

Athletes fly free. JetBlue announced that it would begin to offer live Major League Baseball games on flights.  It wasn’t cheap to acquire planes large enough to accommodate an entire baseball diamond, so ticket prices will be updated accordingly.

Top of the Spira. InterContinental Hotels Group announced the launch of Spira Elite, the new top-level tier for its IHG Rewards Club loyalty program.  The tier is only open to hotel guests with the last name  “Spira,” but we know at least one travel magazine editor who’s happy about the announcement.

Knot amused. A router glitch grounded all United Airlines flights Wednesday morning.  Sources tell us that the glitch occurred because United finally noticed that its wireless network name, “Untied Airlines,” had been misspelled since a hacker changed it four months ago, and spent the morning rectifying the error.

Basic needs. Swiss International Air Lines unveiled new first- and business-class cabins, as well as routes for its new Boeing 777-300ER fleet.  The new cabins feature electronically adjustable blinds, private wardrobes, and individual ice cream buffets – just the bare necessities.

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