5 Tips to Better Manage Storage Space on Your iPhone or iPad

By Paul Riegler on 15 June 2015
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Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. The more things change, the more they remain the same. It was only a few years ago that storage on desktops, and then on laptops, was an issue of considerable import to users of same. Today, especially on Apple iPhones since they don’t offer expandable storage options, managing storage on such devices is a necessity.

It doesn’t matter if the iPhone has 32 GB, 64 GB, or even 128 GB, it will eventually fill up.

There are two things, about iPhones in particular, which can take up ridiculous amounts of space: the Messenger app itself and apps such as Facebook and the Wall Street Journal, which cache voluminous amounts of data and store it inside the app.

In the case of Facebook, this is caused largely by it opening links in its own browser within the app (instead of using Safari, for example) and the app then caches the entire page on the device. The more pages visited, the more space consumed.

Other apps, including the Wall Street Journal, behave in a similar manner.

When I looked at what apps were using up the most space, the number one and number two culprits, after Messenger, were indeed Facebook and the Wall Street Journal. While the Facebook app on its own takes up 145 MB, it had consumed 545 MB of space. The Journal, at a more svelte 45.8 MB, had grown to 443 MB.

By comparison, the New York Times app, which I use more and which is only 32.1 MB in size, was barely using 140 MB, less than the Facebook app on its own.

Of course, these numbers pale in comparison to what I found at the very top of the list, Apple’s very own Messenger app, weighing in at over 6 GB. Some careful detective work revealed that Messenger stores copies of photos, videos, and other files that you send within the message thread instead of referencing the file elsewhere on the device, such as in the Photos folder.

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