Lobby Bar – May 8: Emotional Cars, Kinetic Denim, Broadway Broads, and We’re Hiring

By Jeremy Del Nero on 8 May 2015
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Lobby Bar – An Unbelievable Summary of FBT News and Views 

Bittersweet symphony. Join The Diesel Driver for a farewell voyage to Philadelphia with the BMW 535d. It was a bittersweet drive; the driver shed a few tears, and the 535d even leaked a few droplets of diesel in an effort to convey emotion.

Discovery café. Jesse Sokolow explores Hollywood and West Hollywood, finding all of the best things to do in the cinematic nucleus of L.A. While sipping on a cappuccino in a Hollywood Boulevard cafe, Jesse was noticed by the Coen brothers and will now be starring in their next film. In other news: FBT now has an opening for a new travel editor.

Angry tummy. Jonathan Spira enlightens us on how to eat soupy dumplings at King Noodle in Whitestone, NY. The technique is simple: swallow the 2-inch dumpling whole and wait for the gastrointestinal explosion. On-call burn unit ambulances wait patiently outside the restaurant during business hours.

Minnie skirt. Jonathan Spira knows all of the best things to do on Broadway, and he’ll be happy to show you. around. Should you have access to a time machine, make sure not to visit Times Square in 1970 or you’ll be yearning for the days you are approached by a fully-clothed Minnie Mouse.

Arrwristed. Volkswagen’s Car-Net platform will allow VW owners to use their Apple Watches to control a variety of functions in the vehicle. Users can lock and unlock their car, honk the horn, flash the lights, or remote-drive the car with a few taps. Of note: drivers are not insured for accidents incurred whilst operating “under the appluence.”

Quality control. The headline-making Dreamliner seems to be running into new issues: the FAA is aware of a glitch that could cause loss of control. An FAA spokesman later clarified: “a glitch in the computer system may cause more turbulent rides, leading to a loss of bladder control.”

Denim potential. Fuel prices are on the rise once again, causing national panic and outrage. We recommend switching to a diesel-powered car to save money – simply stuff a pair of $60 Diesel jeans into the tank and your car will fashionably run for approximately 750 miles.

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