Lobby Bar – May 15: The Hundred-Mile Shot-put, Derriere Templates, and Bring Your Own Airline

By Jeremy Del Nero on 15 May 2015
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Lobby Bar – An Every-Day-is-April-Fools Summary of FBT News and Views 

Human catapult. Don’t miss our guide on what’s doing in the city of New Orleans.  It’s a common misconception that the city’s airport is named after the famed jazz singer; in fact, a man named Louis, with a pair of impossibly strong arms, stands outside the transportation hub and hurls travelers to their destinations.

All powerful ‘D. Join us for a photo essay paying tribute to US Airways.  In the words of Jack Black, this is not the greatest airline in the world – this is just a tribute.

The Unzippable. Jeremy Del Nero (hello, me) unzips the zippable Zipbuds Pro Mic earbuds.  Apple has taken note and is reportedly in the early stages of developing the ZipBook – a laptop that can unzip and fit into one’s pocket. Make sure not to do this in public.

Hold still, sir. Paul Riegler flies from Chicago to New York in American Airlines’ First Class cabin in the most comfortable seats ever.  Before boarding, an American Airlines flight attendant comes around the gate area and takes a mold of everyone’s butt for their custom-shaped seat. It’s not awkward at all.

Punny stuff. American Airlines will merge reservation systems with US Airways this summer.  It sounds fine, but we have our reservations.

Cat exits bag. Hotels.com launched a new program called Secret Prices, you’re not told the price until checkout time. Um, Hotels.com? Last we checked, announcing something in a press release invalidates its secrecy status.

Pop flight. Swift Air has partnered with Island Travel and Tours to launch new service between Baltimore and Havana.  We had our doubts when Taylor Swift said she was launching an airline, but the country star seems to have figured things out. We now know that Swift has an affinity for Cuban cigars.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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