What Keeps Corporate Travel Managers Up At Night

Cost Control, Compliance, and Travel Information Are Top Concerns

By Paul Riegler on 13 April 2015
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If there’s one thing that keeps corporate travel managers up at night more than a crying baby or barking dog it’s cost control.

The corporate travel manager is responsible for all business travel within his organization. This includes negotiating airline, hotel, car rental, and travel agency contracts, as well as providing supporting tools for employees to book travel. The job entails tracking the movement of employees while on the road, and the manager is also responsible for the employee’s safety during trips.

In a survey conducted from March 19 through April 5, 2015, several hundred travel managers told Frequent Business Traveler that they worry more about costs than anything else.

That doesn’t of course mean that there’s nothing else to worry about.

Travel managers told us that compliance and policy adherence was another key issue.

Given that business travel is a major cost center for most companies, compliance and policy adherence, which ensure that employees are getting the negotiated rates with travel providers, can save vast amounts of money. In addition, as long as employees use preferred providers, they can be contacted if an emergency –which could be anything from an ill family member to a coup in the country being visited – occurs.

Following close behind as 3, 4, and 5 were

  • Keeping employees informed on travel and travel policies
  • Getting important travel news and information in a timely fashion
  • Risk Management and Traveler Safety

Both items 3 and 4 deal with getting travel news and information to employees.

One way to get employees to the company travel portal is to make it interesting and relevant to them by providing news about cities and places they travel to frequently. Once there, they can also book their travel.

In addition, several travel managers interviewed by FBT said that their travelers sometimes alert them to new routes or new hotels that they were unaware of and that the managers consider – to borrow from the well-known slogan from the Syms clothing store chain – “An educated consumer is our best customer.”

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