Lobby Bar – April 17: Intravenous Chocolate, Decapitated Celebrities, and Deadly iPhone Games

By Jeremy Del Nero on 17 April 2015
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Lobby Bar – A Tricky-Dick Summary of FBT News and Views

Hoo hoot. The results are in! Find out what keeps corporate travel managers up at night.  Topping the list, corporate travel managers toss and turn in their sleep wondering how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

Happy place. On board a Delta flight from Moscow to New York, Jonathan Spira makes the hardest decision of his life: take a nap or have dessert?  He manages both via a new Delta offering: cacao IV drip.

Jerahmie. We’ve learned what bothers you about flying, but in our new poll you can tell us what your biggest pre-flight peeves are. Tell us about your pre-pre-flight peeves – the 24-hour period leading up to your hour of departure – which potentially involves a Starbucks employee intentionally misspelling your name.

Gold digger. Paul Riegler journeys to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, where he shoots unsuspecting strangers.  With a camera, silly, what did you think he used?  The island was named after Paris Hilton, who left a life-sized gold statue of her head on the beach in 1983.  Thirty-two years later, vacationers are still stubbing their toes on it.

Candy crash. An Asiana jet crash-landed in Japan on Tuesday, and over 20 injuries were reported. The plane’s captain was reportedly moments away from setting a record in Candy Crush Saga when he lost control of the aircraft.  His score has subsequently been confiscated and invalidated by the FAA.

Stay fresh. Delta will be eliminating 20% of its international flights to some regions.  When asked why, airline spokesperson Allik Tahlie said that Delta is a symbol of change, and sometimes the airline needs to switch things around, “you know, to keep people on their toes.”

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