American Airlines Pilots to Airline: New Uniforms Are ‘Unacceptable’

By Paul Riegler on 13 March 2015
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AA pilots in the airline’s current uniform

American Airlines, which is in the midst of consolidating operations with US Airways following their 2013 merger, is currently testing new uniforms for pilots, flight attendants, agents, and other customer-facing employees.

On Wednesday, following a testing period, the Allied Pilots Association, the union representing both airlines’ pilots, made its feelings about the new uniforms known.

“The uniforms as tested are unacceptable,” the union said, and “management needs to identify a new uniform vendor.” Those involved in testing found issues with material quality, uniform construction, and fit.

The union’s board of directors issued a statement calling for changes, as follows:

1.)       A single-breasted/double-breasted choice, (if no choice is allowed, APA prefers the single-breasted jacket)
2.)      Acknowledgment of the need for regional/operational differences (e.g. Domestic vs. International, Caribbean, including an optional leather bomber jacket etc.)
3.)       American made pilot uniform (preferably union made)
4.)       Top quality fabric, fit and production
5.)       Fabric that does not create allergy or health issues for crews
6.)       Another pilot wear test and survey with our concerns addressed before final decisions are made

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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