Lobby Bar – February 27: Invisible Airplanes, Constitutional Pollution, and Whose Bag is this?

By Jeremy Del Nero on 27 February 2015
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Lobby Bar – A Politically Incorrect Summary of FBT News and Views

Misünderstüd. Join Jonathan Spira behind the wheel of the 2015 BMW X6 M for a first look at the mammoth SAV, a car that Spira insists is misunderstood. Next time you see an X5 M or X6 M, try to be a little empathetic and ask it how its day is going. Maybe it just wants to be friends.

‘Murrican history. Cigarette smoking in flight has been out of style for a quarter of a century. February 25, 1990 was a sad day for Don Draper, who felt that polluting the airspace of an enclosed capsule hurtling through the sky with seventy people onboard should be a fundamental human right. That’s in the constitution, right?

Spirafeld. Jonathan Spira checks out ‘Beautiful: The Carole King Musical’ at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre. During the performance, Spira couldn’t stop giggling because a colleague had placed a Pez dispenser on his leg. It was literally the plot of a Seinfeld episode.

Let’s play: Beat the clock! Delta is putting itself up against the clock, promising to return checked bags to passengers within 20 minutes of arrival. If the deadline is not met, passengers get to take home two pieces of luggage of their choice from the carousel.

Limited returns. Starwood announced that it will start giving out points to its members who use Uber for rides. Upon looking at the fine print, it appears that the “points” can only be redeemed for Girl Scout Cookies or subscriptions to Cat Fancy.

Easy mistake. Southwest missed inspections of 128 of its aircraft this week, resulting in the cancelation of 80 flights. I understand completely. Just last week, I misplaced more than ten dozen 175-ton hunks of metal.

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