Delta Shuttle First Class Flight 5939 New York LaGuardia – Chicago – Review

By Paul Riegler on 18 February 2015
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The storied Marine Air Terminal remains one of the easiest air terminals in New York City to both reach and get through although not all Delta Shuttle flights use it. The Delta Shuttle brand is used for the airline’s hourly shuttle service linking New York City with Logan International Airport in Boston, Reagan National near Washington, D.C., and O’Hare in Chicago, as well as between Los Angeles International and San Francisco International airports.

The concept of a shuttle service dates back to the Eastern Air Shuttle, which was established in 1961 (it is currently owned by American Airlines and operated as the US Airways Shuttle). Delta’s shuttle traces its history to New York Air, started by Frank Lorenzo and Texas Air in 1980, which eventually became the Pan Am Shuttle in 1986 operating out of a newly-renovated Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia Airport.

The Marine Air Terminal is the only airport terminal still in operation that dates back to the first days of air travel. It was originally built to handle seaplanes and opened on March 31, 1940 with a Pan Am Clipper flight to Lisbon, Portugal.


A colleague was to drive me to the airport but that fell through and, roughly one hour prior to departure, I summoned an Uber. Arriving at 9:55 a.m. (departure scheduled for 10:15), I made it through security in seconds (there was one person ahead of me in line but having PreCheck meant I didn’t have to stop and take my shoes off and liquids out) so I was at the gate and ready to board by 10.


Delta boards first-class passengers ahead of others but boarding was already in progress when I arrived and had just about ended making me one of the last passengers to board.

The flight attendant working in first was busy hanging up coats and offering pre-departure beverages as I took my seat and requested an apple juice.

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