12 Essential Hotel Room Safety Tips

Read These Tips Before Your Next Hotel Stay

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7.) American Airlines, currently the world’s largest airline, tells its crews in training that, when traveling alone and leaving a hotel room on a layover, a crew member should leave a note with the time he is leaving and the destination.

8.) Finally, if you invite someone back to your room whom you don’t know terribly well (if at all), make sure any valuables including jewelry and your wallet are in the safe and make sure your clothing and personal items are put away.


9.) Always make the room appear to be occupied by leaving the television or radio on. In addition, put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. (We at FBT leave the DND sign on the door throughout our stays regardless of whether the room is occupied.)

Leave the television on when the room is vacant

Leave the television on when the room is vacant

While thieves know these tricks too, they are more likely to go somewhere else.


The American Hotel and Lodging Association, an industry trade group, has several additional suggestions including:

10.) If you lose your room key, have the hotel disable the first one when making a replacement.

11.) Make sure any sliding glass doors and windows are locked and fully secured.

12.) Always locate the nearest emergency exit and staircase upon arrival at a hotel.

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