Lobby Bar – January 9: A Bite of Apple, Sunny and Subzero, Ultimate Hand Gestures, and Unconscious Flying

By Jeremy Del Nero on 9 January 2015
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The Lobby Bar – A bizarre and mostly inaccurate Summary of FBT News and Views

Please fly. We’ll pay you. United is upset that you’re not taking free flights – so upset, in fact, that it is suing a 22-year-old web developer for $75,000 in tantrum compensation.

Good practice. Check out our tips on how to write better e-mail in 2015. Make sure to keep e-mail short and to the point, and sprinkle a few obscenities throughout to keep the reader on his toes.

Sleepy times. Paul Riegler offers some tips for combating jet lag and sleeping well while traveling. Some airlines are offering intravenous general anesthesia hookups for elite status passengers to aid in restful and forgetful flights.

Sound familiar? It turns out that Apple’s mobile operating system takes up *gasp* storage space. Unfortunately, Apple failed to tell consumers about this fact, and is now potentially facing a lawsuit. Caution: hot coffee is hot.

*Sniff* The polar vortex is back, bringing downright frigid temperatures to North America. Remember when it was above freezing and sunny ten days ago? FBT remembers. FBT remembers.

Paging Deltalina. American Airlines wanted to take over Delta’s Haneda slots, to which Delta replied, “hands off Haneda,” complete with a finger wag. American backed down immediately – nothing tops a finger wag.

Third grade politics. American made a decision to forego a fixed-price fuel offering in July, and is now reaping the benefits – an estimated $1.3 billion savings in fuel costs. The airline will use the money on “In Your Face” and “Told Ya So” ad campaigns targeted at Delta and United.

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