American Airlines Pilots Approve New Five-Year Contract

By Jesse Sokolow on 30 January 2015
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An American Airlines jet taking off

An American Airlines jet taking off

American Airlines and the Allied Pilots Association announced that the union’s members approved a new five-year joint collective bargaining agreement.

The contract provides for immediate pay raises of 23% and subsequent annual raises of 3% for the next five years.

The APA, which represents 15,000 pilots at American Airlines and US Airways, said that the contract was approved by 65.7%, with 94.6% of its members voting.

“By voting in favor of the JCBA, our pilots will benefit from higher pay rates. In effect, the pilots of American Airlines made a business decision,” said Keith Wilson, the union’s president.

The results of the vote “represent another step forward in our integration,” said Scot Kirby, the airline’s president, who thanked the union’s leadership for its hard work in the negotiation process.

The union said it will continue to engage American in discussions about what it considers to be “ongoing shortcomings” in the contract, pointing out that total compensation “will still trail industry-leader Delta, while work rules affecting our pilots’ quality of life need meaningful improvement.”

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