Indonesia Finds AirAsia Flight 8501 Wreckage

Recovery Effort Starts in Waters Near Island of Borneo

By Paul Riegler on 30 December 2014
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The mysterious disappearance of AirAsia Flight 8501 appeared to have been solved after Indonesia’s National Search and Rescue Agency said Tuesday that debris from the plane as well as bodies had been found in waters near the island of Borneo.

The discovery of the crash site, however, doesn’t address what caused the Airbus A320 to plunge into the sea. The plane, which first flew in 1988, has a generally good safety record, although it has been involved in 54 flight incidents, 11 of which resulted in fatalities. The aircraft crashed less than one hour after taking off from the Surabaya airport.

Earlier on Tuesday, Bambang Soelistyo, head of the country’s search-and-rescue effort, had told reporters that a shadow that appeared to be an aircraft had been found and that 21 divers would be deployed to the site. Since then, the recovery operation has found numerous life vests, aircraft parts, and luggage.

Some media reports indicate that at least six bodies have been pulled from the water.

“I am so very sorry for this accident,” Joko Widodo, Indonesia’s president, said before meeting with families of Flight 8501 passengers. “I hope families can stay strong while facing tragedy.”

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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