Lobby Bar – November 14: Cooking with Cars, Packages before People, and Throw-Back Friday

By Jeremy Del Nero on 14 November 2014
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The Lobby Bar – A Mildly Falsified Summary of FBT News and Views

This way to zzzz.  Paul Riegler shares some tips for getting a good night’s sleep while traveling, including minimizing electronic use and switching eating habits.  You could also hire a FBT senior editor to visit your hotel room and sing a lullaby, but that option is quite pricey.  For a cheaper alternative, a junior editor can swing by and club you in the head.

Wasn’t me, officer.  Jesse Sokolow takes a ride in the Lexus RC 350.  The “RC” stands for remote-controlled, which means the driver can recline and enjoy some tunes while Lexus executives remotely drive the car from their U.S. headquarters in Torrance, California.  For some unknown reason, those execs love scoring traffic violations for their clients.

Oooh – shiny things!  Evil Jeremy goes through some rigorous Condor Flight Attendant Safety Training courses.  I’m afraid he wouldn’t make the best flight attendant; when confronted with a fire, Jeremy was seen playing on the emergency slides.  When asked for comment, he simple said “Whee!”

Hood BBQ.  Audi is set to debut its updated A6 and A7 models in Los Angeles just before Turkey Day.  The A6 and A7 models will have all-new front fascia including LED headlights and a single frame grille.  This grille, however, will finally facilitate the cooking of hotdogs and hamburgers, making these new autos ideal for tailgating parties.

Are we there yet?  Join the editorial team for a five-hour long drive to Lake Placid, New York in a BMW 535d.  Time literally slows down when Jonathan Spira sings “99 bottles of beer on the wall” in every language he knows.

If you don’t succeed at first…  Mercedes-Benz is feeling nostalgic and wants to relive the past by changing the nomenclature it uses for its cars.  “We made a mistake dropping the 240d a few decades ago, and now we’re bringing it back,” said Fritz Maybach, a Stuttgart official.

By the people, for the…  Newport News Airport in Virginia has decided it’s not “for the People” Express, and has told the airline to go elsewhere, perhaps to fly a kite.  Fed up with people in general, People Express is changing gears and becoming a delivery company with a whole new motto: “For the Packages.”

Teamwork.  JetBlue opened its International Arrivals Hall at JFK this week.  The hall is lighted by natural sunlight only, so once the sun sets, everyone relies on the collective light of 2,500 smartphone screens to find their way around.  It actually creates a lovely ambiance.

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