Review: Kero Nomad Charging Cable

By Jeremy Del Nero on 1 October 2014
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Portable electronic devices have become more than just a convenience in everyday life –  they are a necessity, especially for the business traveler.  One of the biggest problems that plagues smartphone users (both iPhone and Android users alike) is poor battery life.  While a USB port is usually not far away, it’s less likely that a charging cable is as accessible.  That’s where Kero’s Nomad Charging cable shines, although, it’s really more of a dongle rather than a cable.

As its name implies, the Nomad is meant for those frequently on the go.  Rather than coiling up tightly or needing to be folded and stuffed in a pocket, the Nomad attaches to any key ring as a bottle opener or keychain would.  It measures just 3.6” long, making it just slightly larger than the keys on my ring, but not so long as to not tuck comfortably into my pocket.  Currently, Kero offers Micro-USB and Lighting versions of the cable, which are identical, save for the output port.

The Nomad includes three pieces: a cap that connects to the keychain and holds the cable securely in place via the USB connector, the cable itself, and a cap to protect the Micro-USB or Lightning plug.  Initially, I was concerned that the cable would not remain secured to the USB cap, but grooves inside the cap keep the Nomad safely attached.  The one downside to the three-piece system is that the tiny port protector could easily get lost while the cord is in use.  Note to Kero: the protective cap could use a short umbilicus to keep the system together.

The most comforting thing about the Nomad is that, unless you lose your keys, it will always be with you.  In just a week of use, I’ve already used it for my own phone three times, and gave a friend a jumpstart when his phone died.  While the concern that the sleek white caps may become soiled over time is understandable, Kero also offers the cable in two additional colors – black and blue – to avoid this problem.

While the suggested retail price of $24.99 may seem a little high, the Nomad is already offered for almost half that at online retailers, $14.99 on Amazon.

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