Apple iPhone 6 Plus – Review and Report

Living Large Has Its Price

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The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in landscape mode

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in landscape mode

It felt much more comfortable in my hand than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, while it is 12 mm taller it is also over 2 mm thinner.

Touch ID works really well and it’s easy to see why it’s important, as it would be awkward to repeatedly having to tap in a four-digit code on such a large screen using just one hand. Apple is opening up Touch ID with the launch of iOS 8 so it will be more useful and interface with non-Apple apps as opposed to just those from Apple, as it’s been since launch.

Something I discovered accidentally is a landscape mode in apps such as Messages and Mail. Hold the phone sideways and you are able to use the apps as if on an iPad, a far more efficient and user-friendly interface.

One additional feature found on the Plus and left out of the standard 6 is optical image stabilization. The 6 only has digital image stabilization and the difference is clearly visible in improvements in low light situations. Apple uses the optical image stabilization to reduce the noise in the photo which results in far better images in such instances.


The first problem I noticed is that the iPhone 6 Plus simply didn’t fit comfortably in my pocket. I always carry my mobile in my front right pocket and it often stuck out, in a few cases awkwardly so.

This presents several problems. Unless you are wearing cargo pants, the Plus won’t fit into your front pocket so you may start using a back pocket. Just as with a wallet, keeping any object in a back pocket can gradually induce back pain and bouts of sciatica and subject the phone to damage by sitting on it.

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